Life: An Update

viking life

It’s hard to believe that it’s been more than four years now that I stopped practicing law and changed gears to design. I still don’t see it as having been a ‘brave’ thing to do. Bravery is about getting over your fears. I wasn’t afraid about failing or ruining my career or life, I just really wanted to get somewhere else. Four years, new friends and a Student AGDA design award onwards, I’m working in advertising over at The Starship. Some people might say that advertising is still the Dark Side, just a different colour, but the stress is gone and the money is better so… I suppose I’ve joined the long, long list of people who got pulled into legal practice for one reason or another and decided after 2-3 years to run far, far away from it. And maybe it’s a better fit for my law-jaded soul. Advertising’s been fun.

I don’t regret practicing law. But one reason I got shanghai’ed into doing it in the first place by Asian Parental Units was because I liked writing. I was still writing here and there over the years, mostly for friends. This year for a New Year’s Resolution I decided to try and get published: sell a novel somewhere, and then, hopefully, get a short story published in one of the great scifi/fantasy mags out there.

My novel The Firebird’s Tale has been picked up by Less Than Three Press (final author’s draft sent over, editing commencing), and as to short stories, I’m still working on that. Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far. I’m looking forward to the rest. 🙂