Short Story: The Buddha Statue


Excited to announce that my short story, The Buddha Statue, has been published in Mantid Magazine‘s Winter 2016 issue! It is available to read for free online, or you can get a print-on-demand issue off Mantid’s website.

I didn’t hold much hope of any publisher actually liking this story, I have to admit. It’s a bit of a strange one, inspired both by the people I met while practicing as a small firm property lawyer and by one of the matters I handled. Yes, it did involve feng shui and a giant buddha statue having to be moved into the house pre-settlement, but no, in actual practice, I didn’t ask the client why it had to be there, though drafting the special conditions to cover their ass was an interesting exercise. I’ve always wondered about that statue… and those goldfish…

The Buddha Statue: Stats

Story Submitted: July 7 2016
Acceptance: August 3 2016
Contract Received: August 3 2016
Published:: 2 September 2016

Enjoy the story!