Short Story: Pride Children

Pride Children

Pride Children is my first short story with the fledgling speculative fiction magazine Empyreome. It was inspired by Ann Leckie’s incredible sci fi Ancillary series, which takes place mainly within a society where there are no gender constructs: it helped redefine how I read and thought about gender in books. I highly recommend her books–they’re some of my favourite science fiction stories ever–and also her interviews, like this great one with Tor (x). Pride Children is a story about cultures meeting, and the ways in between. It’s free to read over here (x) and I hope that you like it.

Pride Children Stats

Submitted: 15 November 2016
1st Round: 1 December 2016
Acceptance: 19 December 2016
Contract Received: 19 December 2016
1st Edits: 13 March 2017
Published: 5 April 2017