Iki Island

Iki Island and Other Stories

Damn, I’ve missed this game. Still one of the most cinematic, visually beautiful games I’ve ever played – Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion came out in August. Finished it over the weekend. It was, sadly (or not?) pretty much a five hour exploration of (even more) of Sakai Jin’s deep-seated daddy issues. Dad Sakai …

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The Swordsman

The Swordsman and Other Stories

As I write this, Melbourne has emerged from a 2 week snap lockdown: we’re thankfully back to 2 daily cases a day or so. Shows that decisive responses work, despite the snafu during the lockdown from the anti-vaxxer protests and the continued terrible national vaccination rollout. Hopefully that’ll ramp up soon. Melbourne was back to …

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Mr Queen

Mr Queen and Other Stories

Lockdown has eased up in Melbourne, and I’m likely going to get vaccinated next week if all goes well. May everyone who’s able to get vaccinated be able to get around to it soon, and as to everyone else, I hope things work out in your favour soon. In Australia, Pfizer is still only available …

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Happy Year of the Ox and Other Stories

Year of the Ox and Other Stories

Whew! Is it already February? January felt like a wild ride. I can’t believe we went from US insurrection to a second impeachment to that glorious Amanda Gorman live poem read (oh, and an inauguration), then that whole business about Gamestop. I’ve been following the Gamestop thing avidly for weeks, because the partner of someone …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year?

Season’s greetings and all that from Melbourne. This is the first year where I’ve had to spend the holiday season in Australia rather than back in Singapore, and it’s been a surreal feeling. The cats were pleased that I didn’t abandon them to a catsitter, presumably, though less so about the cheapie Kmart costumes they …

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