2022 Eligibility Post

2022 Eligibility Post

Can’t believe it’s already been another year. Maybe it’s because I’m still working from home thanks to the ongoing pandemic, but time feels like it’s both passing very fast and very slowly. Popping back to Singapore soon to see my family for the first time in years since the pandemic begun, looking forward to all …

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Iki Island

Iki Island and Other Stories

Damn, I’ve missed this game. Still one of the most cinematic, visually beautiful games I’ve ever played – Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion came out in August. Finished it over the weekend. It was, sadly (or not?) pretty much a five hour exploration of (even more) of Sakai Jin’s deep-seated daddy issues. Dad Sakai …

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year?

Season’s greetings and all that from Melbourne. This is the first year where I’ve had to spend the holiday season in Australia rather than back in Singapore, and it’s been a surreal feeling. The cats were pleased that I didn’t abandon them to a catsitter, presumably, though less so about the cheapie Kmart costumes they …

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