Pride Children

Short Story: Pride Children

Pride Children is my first short story with the fledgling speculative fiction magazine Empyreome. It was inspired by Ann Leckie’s incredible sci fi Ancillary series, which takes place mainly within a society where there are no gender constructs: it helped redefine how I read and thought about gender in books. I highly recommend her books–they’re some …

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Short Story: The Magpie Bridge

The Magpie Bridge is my first cover story–for Issue #66 of Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. ASM is an Aussie-based magazine for speculative fiction. Love the gorgeous cover artwork! The short story was inspired by one of the oldest Chinese fairytales in the world,牛郎织女, one that would be familiar to many Asian kids. Some places still celebrate Qixi/Qiqiao …

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A Long Overdue Firebird Post

I should have made a firebird post earlier, but it’s been a crazy last month, with unfortunate coincidences. My debut novel The Firebird’s Tale, is now available for purchase. Check it out, get a copy if you haven’t! If you’re a new reader, hello and welcome. If you found me from my previous short stories, or …

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old mother

Flash Fiction: Old Mother

My flash fiction, Old Mother, has been published by Daily Science Fiction. It’s a (very) short story about history, tea, hunting qilin, and good manners. Hope you like it~~ The story was inspired by one of my favourite authors, the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett. While I loved The Last Hero, I found myself wishing …

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Short Story: The Buddha Statue

Excited to announce that my short story, The Buddha Statue, has been published in Mantid Magazine‘s Winter 2016 issue! It is available to read for free online, or you can get a print-on-demand issue off Mantid’s website. I didn’t hold much hope of any publisher actually liking this story, I have to admit. It’s a …

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On Writing

When I was 17 or so, I told my parents, very tentatively, that I wanted to be a journalist. It wasn’t that I actually liked the idea of being a journalist: it was that I loved writing, and at 17 I couldn’t really imagine any other career that might be acceptable to the parental units that would also …

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