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Anya / Singaporean / living in Melbourne / grey-ace / a graphic designer / working in advertising / an ex-lawyer / an illustrator / a writer / a food snob / a cat herder / a briber of dogs

huh? where is singapore?

You don't remember us? It's ok. I know we're easy to miss. Never fear, this is why tacky map modules were coded. Behold:

I just want to read your stuff

I write so that my cats can get a better life. And to get better at writing. That too.

Current Projects

My post-apocalyptic dystopian novella, CRADLE AND GRAVE, is out as part of Neon Hemlock's Novella series. I'm excited to join a great slate of diverse authors for this project, and I'm looking forward to everyone being able to read the book. If you're looking for some new novella reading, check it out. The paperback is available on Amazon, but ebook distribution might not be available yet outside the USA on Amazon: if you'd like to buy the ebook, buy it direct from the publisher here.

My upcoming project, the ION CURTAIN, will be published by Rebellion.

I'm represented by the awesome Jennie Goloboy of Donald Maass Literary Agency.

2021 Short Stories

Redline • Everything Change Anthology Vol 3 • [ Read ]
A Grievance of Ghosts • Lamplight Magazine • [ Buy ]
The Same Old Story • Asimov's March/April Issue • [ Buy ]
The Case of the Teapot of Enlightenment • TTL • [ Read ]
Fanspell: Flowers in Spring (RobYung, NSFW) • Lightspeed • [ Read ]
Swappers • Daily SF • [ Read ]

Older Short Stories

What about nonfiction?

I run my agency's blog, which you can find [ here ]. I remain surprised that I've been given near-absolute power over the blog, which has resulted in classics such as Writing Online Dating Profiles: Advice from an Ad Agency [ x ], Long Live Avocado Toast [ x ], and The Rise of Evil Photoshop [ x ]. Don't @ me.

Didn't you publish a novel?

I published THE FIREBIRD'S TALE in 2016 with Less than Three Press. It starts with a familiar story: a kingdom on the edge of Faerie, a Prince Who Never Smiles, and a royal mandate—whomsoever can make Prince Aleksei smile will be awarded his hand in marriage. But life is never neat, and the one who succeeds not only does so by accident: he isn’t even human.

Unfortunately, Less than Three Press closed in July 2019. I'm still trying to figure things out, but I'm working on the sequel, and I'll probably re-release this book under a pay-what-you-want model after some editing. I'm grateful to everyone who's read and supported the book and to the lovely people at Less than Three Press. I wish them all the best.

where's your portfolio?

I work at an ad agency in Melbourne and in my free time I write SF&F stories, so I don't tend to take freelance clients. You can see some of the packaging I've done out in the wild for Melbourne City Rooftop Honey though, a green initiative in Melbourne focused on ethical beekeeping. Buy their stuff [x]. It's super tasty.

you should have a blog

Period Dramas and Other Stories

October 3, 2021

I don’t have any interest in modern war films. I’ve never watched Saving Private Ryan, or Dunkirk, or most of the World War I / II / Vietnam war etc films. The only ones I’ve enjoyed watching that I can recall offhand are fantasy-esque ones like Captain America and Wonder Woman. Growing up, I’ve never …

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Iki Island and Other Stories

September 7, 2021

Damn, I’ve missed this game. Still one of the most cinematic, visually beautiful games I’ve ever played – Ghost of Tsushima’s Iki Island expansion came out in August. Finished it over the weekend. It was, sadly (or not?) pretty much a five hour exploration of (even more) of Sakai Jin’s deep-seated daddy issues. Dad Sakai …

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The Swordsman and Other Stories

August 2, 2021

As I write this, Melbourne has emerged from a 2 week snap lockdown: we’re thankfully back to 2 daily cases a day or so. Shows that decisive responses work, despite the snafu during the lockdown from the anti-vaxxer protests and the continued terrible national vaccination rollout. Hopefully that’ll ramp up soon. Melbourne was back to …

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tell me about your cats

Here are Russ and Pascal. They are totally friends. Totally. Russ loves Pascal. You can see it in his face. Their ceasefire has been in effect since 2018.

Russ is an 11+ Birman cat with food allergies and a terrible addiction to tuna. He does not think he is a cat – he thinks he is God. He considers all cat toy offerings with supreme disdain and attempts to teach him how to "sit" with contempt. Pascal is a 1+ ginger domestic shorthair with one (1) brain cell, imperfect object permanence, and an incorrectly installed cat operating system. He likes to fight all the things. Yell at all the things. He's a 24/7 perpetual motion noise machine.

Cats make great companions for writers. Mine like to cuddle up when I'm writing on the couch. Pascal often tries to add to the word count with his butt.

digital narcissism

these were strictly better than anything you get nowadays too, now you have to navigate cursed wikis full of ads that don't load on your phone, or videogame sites who have broken down one of these guides into its 10,000 constituent parts. bring back plain text tbh. https://twitter.com/seankiv/status/1443428856292155392

seán kivlehan@seankiv

dudes who wrote GameFAQs guides that opened with ascii art that looked like this were the monastic scribes and illuminators of the 2000s

For I can raise no wealth by vile means! Wealth does not bring virtue for a king, but virtue brings wealth and every other blessings, both to the soul and to the state.


If you're wondering whether @Disney have stepped up and paid the royalties they owe to to authors, illustrators & comics artists for books & GNs they have published or relicensed, the answer's NO. (They've paid a few high-profile authors.) https://accrispin.blogspot.com/2021/09/disneymustpay-update-disney-is-still.html #disneymustpay

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