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huh? where is singapore?

You don't remember us? Our super-flush government only just spent a ton of money hosting an international tourism advertising extravaganza... I mean the NK-USA summit. It's ok. I know we're easy to miss. Never fear, this is why tacky map modules were coded. Behold:

I just want to read your stuff

I write so that my cats can get a better life. And to get better at writing. That too.

2019 Short Stories

If the Apocalypse Happens and CNN Isn't There, Did it Really Happen? [ Read ]
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Older Short Stories

Didn't you publish a novel?

I published THE FIREBIRD'S TALE in 2016 with Less than Three Press. It starts with a familiar story: a kingdom on the edge of Faerie, a Prince Who Never Smiles, and a royal mandate—whomsoever can make Prince Aleksei smile will be awarded his hand in marriage. But life is never neat, and the one who succeeds not only does so by accident: he isn’t even human.

Unfortunately, Less than Three Press closed this year in July. I'm still trying to figure things out, but I'm working on the sequel, and I'll probably re-release this book under a pay-what-you-want model after some editing. I'm grateful to everyone who's read and supported the book and to the lovely people at Less than Three Press. I wish them all the best.

Since 2016, I've written a few more books, but I'm currently in the process of querying agents / submitting to publishers. We'll see.

you should have a blog

An Infuriating Ad and Other Stories

September 2, 2019

Don’t you just hate it when you see a good ad? The social media manager and I saw this at the train station in Burnley on the way home, and we stared at it until the train came. Hint: it’s not a typographical error. I’ll put a second hint at the end of this post …

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A Blade Runner Dinner and Other stories

August 7, 2019

I run my agency’s blog, which means a regular update of about one long article a week and several short “of interest” posts every day. The agency blog is really part of our SEO strategy: I try to write articles that would heavily focus on keywords that people might search up when they look for …

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Continuum and Oz Comic Con 2019

July 18, 2019

For a city that you can walk across in twenty minutes or less if you try, Melbourne always has something going on. Sometimes it has way too much going on, and you have to bend space and time if you want to get everywhere that you want. Or spend an hour scheduling everything to fit and stick …

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tell me about your cats

Here are Russ and Pascal. They are totally friends. Totally. Russ loves Pascal. You can see it in his face. Their ceasefire has been in effect since 2018.

Russ is an 11+ Birman cat with food allergies and a terrible addiction to tuna. He does not think he is a cat – he thinks he is God. He considers all cat toy offerings with supreme disdain and attempts to teach him how to "sit" with contempt. Pascal is a 1+ ginger domestic shorthair with one (1) brain cell, imperfect object permanence, and an incorrectly installed cat operating system. He likes to fight all the things. Yell at all the things. He's a 24/7 perpetual motion noise machine.

Cats make great companions for writers. Mine like to cuddle up when I'm writing on the couch. Pascal often tries to add to the word count with his butt.

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