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Queens of Noise by Leigh Harlen / Cradle and Grave by Anya Ow
Stone and Steel by Eboni Dunbar / Yellow Jessamine by Caitlin Starling

Cover art by Y. C. Yang

Yes, it's out!

My new book, CRADLE AND GRAVE, was just released by Neon Hemlock. If you're looking to get my book (and/or the others by Leigh, Eboni, or Caitlin), check out the Neon Hemlock store. You can get the books in [ Paperback from the publisher | Paperback off Amazon ] or as an [ EBook ].

CRADLE AND GRAVE is a post-apocalyptic dystopia, a Fallout-style weird Western with horror, survival, and biopunk elements merged through a desperate adventure through a dead city. In the distant dystopian irradiated future, Dar Lien is a professional scout for scavenger runs into the Scab, a ruined urban-zone badly infected by heavily mutagenic phenomena called the Change. When Yusuf and the mysterious Servertu employ her for an unorthodox run into the Scab, she finds herself embroiled in a conflict she didn’t expect.

A big thank you to Dave Ring for his extensive work on this project, and to Y. C. Yang for the awesome cover.


“Anya Ow gives us a hallucinatory fever dream that entices the reader to puzzle out its many alien facets and a setting grounded firmly in deep characters and lived-in world building. Cradle and Grave is a tour de force of astounding body horror and a heartbreaking transhuman narrative. It is simply perfect.”

—Jordan Shiveley, Dread Singles

“Anya Ow’s Cradle and Grave is a taunt, stunningly imaginative addition to post-apocalyptic literature. I was hooked from page one by Lien and a world that walks the fine line between body horror and biopunk with ease. Ow has an incredible talent for descriptions that draw an entire picture in just a few words, be it of the monsters that hunt the protagonists on their journey or a tender relationship.”

—Lina Rather, author of Sisters of the Vast Black

“Get in, losers, we’re going to the Scab! The imaginative, climate-devastated world of Cradle and Grave drives you forward on a Fury Road cutting through Annihilation’s Area X.”

—Kellan Szpara, author of Docile

Book Events


Now over – that was fun! First live read ever.

Neon Hemlock ran a series of twitter panels as part of its 2020 release schedule. You can check out what was discussed on #hemlockchat on twitter. These were the topics:

The Apocalypse as Current Events.
Moderated by Arshad Hassan. Featuring Elly Bangs, Meg Elison, Darcie Little Badger, Christopher Ruz and Anya Ow.
March 7 at 5pm EST
Families Lost & Found. Moderated by Lara Elena Donnelly.
Featuring Eboni Dunbar, Leigh Harlen, Anya Ow and Caitlin Starling.
March 15 at 5pm EST

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