2022 Eligibility Post

2022 Eligibility Post

Can't believe it's already been another year. Maybe it's because I'm still working from home thanks to the ongoing pandemic, but time feels like it's both passing very fast and very slowly. Popping back to Singapore soon to see my family for the first time in years since the pandemic begun, looking forward to all the food adventures! Meanwhile, the bivalent booster is now free if you're in Australia, and can be booked at pharmacies, so get on that if you haven't. Took minutes, easy as.


ion curtain

ION CURTAIN / Science Fiction / Solaris (Rebellion) / Set in a future where people have invented a way to explore the stars, it's an enemies-to-lovers queer story about space espionage, rogue ASIs, and heists. It's now available from the publisher, and on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BAM!, Bookshop, Indiebound and more.

S H O R T  •  F I C T I O N

Earth Dragon, Turning • Uncanny • [ Read ] • Fantasy: a bak chang story about messy families and their shrapnel, and unlikely friends in unlikely places.

The Recipe for Rice is 9,500 Years Old • Audible • [ Listen ] • Science Fiction / Cyberpunk: flash fiction following a rice-stakes heist to steal bioprinting codes.

Phoenix Fate • Daily SF • [ Read ] • Fantasy: flash fiction about unhappy Imperial marriages and complicated symbols.

Sharing a Meal at the End of the World • Haven Speculative • [ Read ] • Science Fiction / Cyberpunk: about awkward dates that end badly, during a climate apocalypse.

An Eight Treasure Hunt • Translunar Travelers Lounge • [ Read ] • Fantasy: a satay story about a hunter who meets a nobleman in a forest.

Thanks for your consideration! Happy holiday season.