Flash Fiction: If the Apocalypse Happens and CNN Isn’t There, Did it Really Happen?

CNN Apocalypse

Some days you sell a story and the fact that you even managed to sell it takes you by sheer surprise. That’s what happened with this one. Earlier this year I sold “If the Apocalypse Happens and CNN Isn’t There, Did it Really Happen?” to Daily Science Fiction, and I’m still surprised they were willing to give it a go. You can read it here (x).

In my late teens/early 20s, one of my favourite authors was Terry Pratchett. His satirical way of writing fantasy left a deep impression on me. I loved the way his Discworld books were both satirical, slapstick humorous, downright weird, and still so full of heart and social issues. I remember reading with joy how Cherry becomes Cheri, how Tiffany comes into her own, how the golems free themselves in Feet of Clay. I love writing satirical stories now, but they’re usually hard sells. I get it. What’s funny for me isn’t always funny for anyone else. I don’t think I’ve yet gotten close to mastering what Pratchett could do with humour.  This isn’t the first attempt I’ve made to sell a satirical story to DSF — it’s probably the 4th? 5th? — but I’m glad that of all of them that got picked this one was it. Hope you enjoyed the read.


Submitted: 15/02/19
Accepted: 4/05/19
Contract signed: 6/05/19
Published: 9/07/19