2020 Eligibility Post


I've never done one of these posts before. Each year when it's award season I'd kinda just turtle up out of embarrassment. Maybe quietly submit my work on my own steam to places like Aurealis that allow self-submission. Asking for other people to consider my stuff though? That always just felt so weird. Impostor syndrome, maybe.

In any case, a few people have encouraged me to just do the thing this year, so. Here's what I published this year, which might be eligible for your consideration.


Cradle and Grave | Neon Hemlock Press | Here | SF / Survival Horror, dystopian adventure in a fallout-esque world


Last Light | Aurealis Magazine | Here | Military SF / Survival Horror, space marine squad's desperate attempt to finish their mission aboard a hostile, sentient ship

Other Life Forms are the Most of Our Problems | Daily SF | Here | SF / Flash fiction, a near-future-ish apocalyptic, satirical story about climate change in Australia

Seven Parts Full | Translunar Travelers Lounge | Here | Fantasy / Wuxia / A cooking competition between a Peranakan chef and a General over a magic knife

Loving Monsters | Triangulation: Extinction | Here | Fantasy, a conservation story where a huntress teams up with a mayor/priestess to try and save a village from a naga

We are Still Here | Shoreline of Infinity | Here | SF / dystopia, a look at life on the equator in a world radically warmed by climate change

Umami | Fantasy Magazine | Here | Fantasy, a story about xiaolongbao, sacrifice, and eating a species into extinction.

Thank you!