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TEDx St Kilda

The Brief

I was asked to provide illustration/pattern graphics for TEDxSt Kilda, which is the St Kilda branch of the iconic brand. TEDx was created to help communities spark conversation through TED-like experiences and talks. It supports independent organisers trying to create a TED-like event in their communities, run on a fully planned, community-by-community basis. TEDxSt Kilda is a non-profit initiative which continues to run every year in Victoria. It is an open-source, locally driven event that tries to drive conversations between key topics every year, as well as inspire innovation and creativity across various fields. The illustrations not only had to reflect the spirit of the TEDx brand, but also the St Kilda area as a whole.

The client asked for simple, quirky graphics that fully represent the St Kilda area, which is known for its eclectic mix of architecture: from the iconic (if creepy) Luna Park to its theatre and cake district.


I spent a day in St Kilda taking photographs (and eating cake), went home, and had fun with the landmarks. The illustrations were used over their web and social media promotional material, created in vector format so as to be able to be applied through print and digital, in large and small format, in a highly visible yet simple pattern.

  • Client TEDx St Kilda
  • Date July 8, 2016
  • Tags Illustration