Short Story: The Dreaming Wounds


The Dreaming Wounds is inspired by a story that my mom liked to tell us about our late grandmother. She used to say that Poh Poh (as we called her in dialect) had the “Third Eye”, an inborn ability that lets you see ghosts. Poh Poh was completely blasé about this gift (curse?), though admittedly, she was generally an extremely easygoing, kind lady during her lifetime. Besides, ghosts have never hurt her–but as a survivor of the Japanese Occupation in Singapore, real people have proven to be worse. Hope you guys like it! You can read part of the Dreaming Wounds here (x) at Lyonesse, and subscribe to read the rest.

The Dreaming Wounds Stats

Submitted: 13 October 2016
Acceptance: 13 September 2016
Contract Received: 13 September 2016
Published: 22 March 2017