Death Stranding and Other Stories

Death Stranding ate my November. It ate my 2019 Nanowrimo attempt for breakfast, my short story deadlines for lunch, and my sleep cycle for dinner. It is a frustrating, gorgeous, brilliant, extremely pretentious showcase for one man’s ego and his many famous friends, and yet it’s probably the most interesting game I’ve played this year. …

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hans zimmer

Hans Zimmer and Other Stories

I’ve lived in Melbourne for over a decade, and I’m still surprised at how much this tiny city can get up to. I didn’t even get around to checking out the Melbourne International Arts Festival, or the various Film Festivals that were running through the month. One of the highlights of the month this year …

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Aurealis Awards

The Aurealis Awards 2019

Procrastination is such a weird affliction for me. Sometimes, while trying to avoid The Thing which I set aside time to do, I end up doing a whole other Convoluted Thing, which turns out to be even more work than the Original Thing. tldr: I completely overhauled my website while procrastinating on writing a blog post. …

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A Long Overdue Firebird Post

I should have made a firebird post earlier, but it’s been a crazy last month, with unfortunate coincidences. My debut novel The Firebird’s Tale, is now available for purchase. Check it out, get a copy if you haven’t! If you’re a new reader, hello and welcome. If you found me from my previous short stories, or …

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life and more pokemon

Life, Writing, (more) Pokémon

At the start of this month, being a highly organized person, I remembered belatedly that Singapore’s Epigram book prize was due on 1 September, which has a minimum word count of 40,000. Originally, having concluded that Tor’s novella program will most likely reject my Murder of Kings entry, I was just going to extend its …

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